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Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Living Without Magazine
A good magazine devoted to dealing with allergies.
Food Allergy Network
Good source of information on food allergies.
Pfeiffer Clinic
Leaders in the research and treatment of biochemical imbalances.
Northstar Chiropractic
An alternative medicine clinic designed to support and help you and your family's health care needs.
Stonyfield Farm's Menu for Change
This program is designed to improve the food being offered to students in our nation's schools.
Food Service: The Final Frontier of Organics
Article on the growing organic food market.

Friends on the Web

For Our Grandchildren
Advocating Good Food for Good Health
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Directory of Work-at-Home Mom Businesses
A Round Unvarnish'd Tale
Confessional Lutheran Mom's Blog
Sassy Mom in the City
Raising Kids in the Windy City
98.7 WFMT
Chicago's Classical Radio Station
Exceptional Comfort
Comfort Food and More
The Clai Group
Investing in U.S. Businesses

My Favorite E-Stores

The Birds and the Teas Tea Shop
A purveyor of fine teas and other goodies.

Chrysalis Cookies on the Web

MySpace Home of Chrysalis Cookies
What's in Your Cookie?

Ask your baker
"What's in your cookie?"

Chrysalis Cookies are available as the Whole Grain flavors (Whole Grain Chocolate Chip and Whole Grain Cranberry Oatmeal) of the Whole Foods Great Buy line of cookies. These are available in the bakery departments of all stores of Whole Foods Midwest Region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin). Ask the bakery department for the Whole Grain Great Buy cookies.

You can request Chrysalis frozen cookie dough to be baked and sold in your favorite grocery store. Just have them contact us for distribution and pricing info. Letter writing is a great way to inform your local grocer that you want them to carry Chrysalis Cookies; print this form, sign it, and send it to your local grocer!

Chrysalis Cookies is a Sodexho registered minority business, so your school could bake our frozen cookie dough for your children as well. Just think... a whole grain cookie for your kids at school! Wouldn't you like your kids to have a much tastier and healthier alternative than school junk food?

Ask for Chrysalis, the really good cookie.



My sister has a new cookbook available dedicated to Comfort Food! Check it out!